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Our Services

Smart City Digital Maturity Assessment

We can assist you in identifying the Digital Maturity Level of your city as a very initial step. and craft your customized Smart City Vision.

Smart City Implementation Plan

Implementing Smart City services can be very confusing, we can help you building the comprehensive Smart City Program and Roadmap for your city.

Smart City Strategy & Roadmap

A1innov8 will support you to craft the high-level City-Wide Digital Strategy and focus the most tangible positive impact on the city and its residents on the short and long terms.

Smart City Creation & Execution

A1innov8 will create your future Smart City with certified partners and industry leaders to achieve your goals successfully with shortest possible time.

Smart City Program Management

A1innov8 has the capability to spearhead this stage for your city, ensuring the timely and cost-effective delivery of the project.

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Our team of experts will help you crafting the perfect plan for your city transformation.

Smart City Unified Platform

Our Smart City Platform is a unified management console that will connect and integrate various Smart City products in one point. It allows you to always be informed of what is going on your city and enabling you to setup automated actions based on specific scenarios or take and informed decisions on any given situation.

Smart Mobility

A1innov8 will provide you with all services related to traffic management, roads, tunnels, cars, trips and road safety services allowing the residents and government bodies to utilize the way-finding solutions and enabling the next generation of urban planning services.

Smart Healthcare

A1innov8 ready healthcare packages will ease the digital transformation journey of your city’s healthcare system and services allowing your residents to access the latest and greatest healthcare services immediately, keep up-to-date information about patents and grant direct access to healthcare specialists and consultants.

Smart Utilities

With our Smart Utilities products, you can manage all the aspects of utilities (water, Energy, Waste) generation, supply, distribution, & consumption. Our unique Smart Utilities offering includes smart metering and charging in addition to waste collection & innovative management as well.

Smart Building

As the building is the smallest unit of the city ecosystem, automating the building services is an essential part of transforming your city to a smart one. Our products will allow you to automate the main functions of all type of the buildings and enable it for proper remote monitoring, control, & maintenance to save on time, money, & resources.

Smart Government

Exploit the technological innovation to enhance the government value chain of policy making, planning, executing and enforcement. This solution will allow the city to offer the selected city services online via the internet and mobile apps. Our experts will support you to digitalize the government operation & services as well to ease communication with your residents.

Smart Finance (FinTeh)

Our products will allow you to seamlessly offer services like Crowdfunding, blockchain, peer-to-peer lending, IoT based insurance to your residents seamlessly and efficiently.

Smart Manufacturing

Our robotics and IoT based smart manufacturing offering ensures highest operational efficiency, & reduce production cost with very minimal error margins.

Smart Education

Our Smart Education products are revolutionizing the education industry by providing innovative products and services including virtual reality and personalized education methods.

Smart Retail & Logistics

The retail and logistics industries are going though major transformation, our products will ensure that you enter the next era well prepared for the fundamental changes of these industries. We are offering customized service to increase the client satisfaction and enrich the experience while saving on distribution & utilize proximity-based services.

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